Time To Be Happy Again

As we look back into our lives, we realize how happy we were, nothing bothering us, (apart from studies and exams of course) contented with whatever we had and in the hope of being whatever we want to. Still how we all fancied of growing up really fast and living in independence and leading our lives in our own terms but who knew that very independence starts haunting we as we start to mature. With a smile on our face but a heaviness in mind and heart we just move forward not knowing where to go? and what to do? in the hope of finding peace somewhere someday just keep moving along the path. Everyone is around but just to understand the smile without understanding the underlying pain. when small how easy it seemed to be happy but why it happens that to be the most difficult thing when you are grown up. I see people around doing what they always wished to do, earning how much ever they wanted to earn but still struggling to find peace and happiness and on the other hand some people having very little to survive still contented with their lives.

Whatever the scenario may be the only thing we need to remind ourselves is 'To Love ourselves for those people who love us, and remain happy for what have we/anyone earned by being sad, show kindness coz it cost nothing and stay positive for the negativity may take us away.'

#mentalhealth #happiness #positivity #kindness

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