Simple Anxiety Vs Anxiety Disorders

Simple Anxiety is -

  1. A normal reaction to stress or difficult times.

  2. Triggered by a specific stressor.

  3. Has a start and ending point.

  4. Can be helpful or motivational.

  5. Lessens significantly or disappears away from stressful situations.

  6. Relaxing often helps you feel better.

  7. A response to toxic situations.

Anxiety Disorders is -

  1. Often comes out of nowhere.

  2. Intense or disproportionate emotional response.

  3. Ongoing and lasts weeks or months.

  4. Interferes with day-to-day life.

  5. Physical symptoms like sweating, trembling, light headaches, racing heart.

  6. Feels impossible to control or manage.

Anxiety Relief Tips:

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