Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness

In present day Social Media has taken the world by storm. We humans who are considered to be the most intelligent race of all have become the slaves of technology instead of we making it one. We are being used by Social Media(s) knowingly or unknowingly instead of we using them. So, it has become too easy to go about our so called busy lives and not notice symptoms of Mental Illness. Our body has built in warning systems which alert us to the signs that we need to pay attention.

So, here are few such warning signs of Mental Illness which your body may be giving you but you are not realizing or just ignoring it.

1. Continuous or long lasting sadness or irritability.

2. Excessive worrying or fear/anxiety.

3. Social withdrawal (avoiding friends or social activities)

4. Extremely high and low moods.

5. Changes in eating habits such as increased hunger or lack of appetite.

6. Confused thinking or problems concentrating and learning.

7. Overuse of substances like Alcohol and drugs.

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